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Chillhop Essential Fall 2021 / VA




“Chillhop Music”からエッセンシャルズシリーズ 2021 FALL 販売開始! タイトルは秋になりますが、オールシーズン問題無く今回もヴァイブス溢れるコンピレーション作品に仕上がっている本作! 1時間強のゆったりとした2枚組LP盤!(ダウンロードカード付) A-B 1.Mama Aiuto - Bell Tower 2.Liphe - Little Bird 3.Kreatev - Blue Coupe 4.Misha, Evil Needle - Spirits 5.Ward Wills - Forgive 6.Nymano, Suuna - Mistral 7.Enzalla - Ancient Paths 8.Sofasound - How Much Longer 9.Smile High, Cloudchord, Teddy Roxpin - Sirens 10.Masked Man - Tiffany 11.anbuu, Blue Wednesday - Rituals 12.Afroham, ØDYSSEE - Later today 13.Sleepy Fish, Philanthrope - Fallcameearly 14.Montell Fish - Can’t Get Enough C-D 15.C Y G N - Virtual Evening 16.Luke Otwell, jacuzzi jefferson, WEI - Backseat ft. Kyle McEvoy 17.Psalm Trees - The Shortest Day Alone ft. Chico Balbin 18.Stan Forebee - Seasons 19.Aso - Nice Day 20.Cap Kendricks - Orange 21.Deeb - Sunvizor Down ft. The Golden Cobra 22.Ian Ewing - Claire2 23.weird inside - Like This 24.Makzo - Shanti 25.Kendall Miles - Colors of Fall, Wool Clothes 26.Aves, Snoophkeen - Matoki 27.fantompower - Brisk 28.Foxwood - Flowerbeds spotify 試聴リンク↓ https://open.spotify.com/album/0ClfZOLWWYaTFRVzUiDS87?si=98Zh5mwHRveCXCdpqjkFcA